Creating value

Being able to produce any product is not enough. As far as its know-how is concerned, a company must be able to combine its production with pre- and post-sales services capable of better managing supply relationships with the customer. Correctly fulfill orders, offer technical support, research new materials, or particular products. All with the aim of giving the customer maximum support and allowing him to be more efficient

Feasibility analysis

Initial analysis, the basis for quality

Evaluating the feasibility of a detail, the methods of realization, the materials, the components, the costs and the terms of delivery of the work are the basis for a flawless supply. The action of our sales office coordinated by the experience of our technicians is highlighted in a management process that represents the first phase of the collaboration process that we have set up to not underestimate any aspect of each individual supply.

Evaluation process:

  • Initial analysis
  • Define the scope and requirements of required
  • Evaluate feasibility and implementation method
  • Drawing realization
  • Production price proposal
  • Prototype realization
  • Corrections / additions to any changes
  • Production of a pre-series for quality control and possible modifications
  • Realization of control templates and definitive sample
  • Definition of delivery times and production development

Commercial Management

A personalized service. From quote to post sale

Estimating a particular is not the only activity carried out in Best Hoses. Constant customer care in both pre-sales and post-sales is fundamental for us. This is why we have dedicated commercial resources that manage all customer relations from the estimate, to the management of orders, to commercial visits.

Being able to give precise and punctual answers for us is of fundamental importance.


In Best Hoses, the making of samples is an important phase which provides for the perfect realization of the particular requested. Whether this is a sample or a pre-series based on the customer’s design or the realization of a prototype, this will be performed and delivered to the customer ready for approval and its subsequent production also in small batches.

The production of the sample takes place by carefully studying the detail, preparing the correct list and the production cycle.

Tests and checks

Continuous control

We can guarantee both dimensional and performance checks of the products; through the use of internal equipment or through collaboration with technical laboratories. The customer during the preparation of the order can request all the checks to have the delivery of the products with the necessary certificates.

Withdrawals and deliveries

The search for punctuality also passes through the management of the transport of materials.

Taking into account the customer’s needs, over the years, we have managed to perfect the stages of withdrawals and deliveries. Through the use of our own vehicles we can guarantee both the collection and delivery of materials in order to be more and more punctual.

Web management

Monitor orders constantly

Our order control service via WEB allows our customers to have a window on our company and in particular on our production and to be able to monitor the progress of the order in real time. The standard data that can be viewed through access to a special reserved area are as follows, without forgetting that we can customize the mask on customer request and make available personalized information that is within our production management system.

  • Order number
  • Code
  • Quantity produced
  • Expected date of fulfillment
  • Customer raw material stock
  • etc